And so I met Christopher!  It has been almost 2 years of hell.  We have recently started going our separate ways.  He is kinda clingy and really has me in a bind.  He has kept me with out a car, and electric and phone bills from hell.. Just so I couldn't easily leave,  and he has done a good job.  I'm really not gonna waste anymore time on him.

I just turned 20 this year.  I have a good salary job working for a computer help desk, Xerox Connect.  Most everyone I know, knows I'm gay.  I don't hide it but at the same time I'm not a flamer.  My dad's side of the family knows I'm gay I told them.  I had a cousin whom was gay that passed away years ago from AIDS.  So I knew my dad's side could handle it.  My mom's side would be stupid if they didn't know I have just never said it to them. 

Due to certain people in my life mentioned above I have lost contact with most my friends.  I am still best friends with my X Craig.  A lot of you probably just cringed at that but we were friends first and the friendship remained.  It is very nice to have him around.  He understands and listens to me.  

I'm currently trying to find a car get money together and the like so I can move out of mine and Christopher's house.  In the process I have met a really nice sweet guy named John on IRC.  Unfortunately he lives in Omaha NE but I just adore him.  I hope he will be able to come visit soon.   More bout him on another page. :)

For now that's about all I got but if you wanna know something about me I'm an open book mailicon.gif (1632 bytes) me!

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