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Ok you nasty boiz...:)  How do I feel about sex...Where do I stand on the subject.  One I am not a slut.  I do not have sex with anyone just cuz I feel the need.  I have only had sex with 3 guys. Kevin, Craig, and Christopher.  I was in relationships with all of them...I did try and just have a fling, but I couldn't go through with it.  To me sex is a 4 letter word.  If you are gonna jump in the bed with it to much to ask that feelings be there on both makes it so much better.  Now I'm not knockin you boiz that screw anything that gets hard.....I just think it's kinda pathetic.  Not to mention it helps add to the normal everyday stereotypical "FAG."  And if you must go have meaningless, tasteless, your self a favor and be safe about it. 

On a more personal note...I am a submissive bottom.  I will top with the right guy but I'm pretty much a virgin to being a top.  

What do I like...Just about anything...I'll try anything....Once...Except scat and golden showers...that is just nasty. But to each it's own.

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