Early Years


Where should I start...well I was born in Cincinnati Ohio on July 13th, of 1978.  My family at the time was living in a cold-a-sack in Mt.Healthy.  Across the creek in our back yard was my elementry school Greener.  My grandparents from my dad's side lived next store to us along with my aunt and later her husband.  I spent a lot of time with my grandparents...my aunt is my second mother.  I really preferred to be over there,  my dad drank a lot and did drugs.  My mother at the time was working as a Dental Technician and is still with the same company 20 years later.  My father has always been a maintenance man for various large companies like Perkins and the Cincinnati Zoo. 

I had lots of friends as a kid my street however was nothing but girls.  Me and a street of 9 girls.  I did have a girlfriend so to speak...you know 2nd grade crush things we spent the night over each others house a lot...One of those cute things your parents tease you about later :).  

I really enjoyed living there as a kid my neighbors were nice I had plenty of girls to play house and stuff with! LOL....And I had family everywhere. 

When I was 9 my mother finally decided to leave my father after deciding she had had enough of his drug abuse and cheating.  I will give my father this much as idiotic as he is he never touched my mother nor me.   Me and mom moved out the day after Christmas...and ironically enough at the same time my dad was moving his bar trash woman in. 

Me and mom moved to a little apartment in Bevis which is a nicer area then Mt.Healthy and a better school district (northwest).   I started 5th grade in a new elementry school, Taylor, and started a new life.   I became man of the house.  Mom was working a job on the side still dental technician for a friends company to make ends meet...I was a growing boy after all :).   I started making friends and all was....fairly ok.

My sixth grade year came along and I guess that is when the divorce finally hit me...talk about delayed reaction.  A kid on honor roll straight A's was now failing miserably.  I had a counselor in the middle school I would go and talk and cry to.  She was a sweet lady I just loved her to death.  Eventually I moved past my phase and into seventh grade where they decided I was bored and they put me in advanced classes. 

In stepped my mom's new boyfriend.  I really wasn't fond of him really.  I felt he was trying to be my father and I already had one of those I didn't like.  Needless to say me and mom and the bo finally moved in to a new apartment.   He now be came king of his domain.  Don't get me wrong he is a nice guy and my mom did good, he's just an overgrown 2 year old...then again most men are :).

With this move I became a recluse.  I went to school stayed in my room and just vegged out.  I had made friends when my parents were together just to leave them, I made friends again and lost them.  So I decided this time I wouldn't do it again.  I did this for almost a year and a half.   It was about this time I started to realize I was gay. 

But on to my teen years!

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