Teen Years    


Moving on from where I left off with my childhood days...I now realized I was gay.  I'd say I was about 12 and in the 6th grade.  After being a recluse for 1.5 years I decided well we are gonna be here for a while so I started making friends...and we moved. 

This time the 3 of us moved in to a house in Mt.Airy.  A nice area but not to close from what I grew up in and knew.  The new house we moved in to really didn't have any people my age but I had bunch of friends at school.  There was a brother and sister about 3 doors down I hung out with from time to time.  They were a couple years older though. 

I soon went in to denial about being gay and started dating this girl.  We got along well and did everything together...for 2 years.  Then I met my first gay guy my Sophomore year of high school.  His name was Kevin.  He was a black guy who was my age.  We started working at the same place for a while and he was a frequent visitor to my bedroom window late at night.   He'd climb in and well...ne way.  It was a nice experience.  But he moved to Maryland with his family.  My Junior year I met another guy who was a year older then me that I just loved to death he was a great guy.  Then he showed me what a lot of fags are really like.

He was 18.  We went to the mall and things from time to time.  One day he found a piece of art in one of those art/frame stores.  I went in and bought a smaller version of it and gave it to a friend to give to him.  And shockingly enough I didn't hear from him again.  I finally got the balls up to go to his house.  He thanked me for the art work and said I was a nice guy but I wasn't his type.  He later told me his type was rich doctors.  His last sugar daddy had gotten him a car.  That was a nice slap in the face but at least I learned young :).

Over the summer of my Junior year I moved out of my mothers and in with my cousins.  Life was a blast I loved it.  Then my cousin started being an ass wanting money...more then he should have know I had.  I started not going to school my senior year and was working instead.  My manager was gay and I really liked him except he was a slut.  So he worked me even though he wasn't suppose to.  He then hired Craig which was my first love.  Me and Craig hated each other at first and we finally grew on each other.  I moved out of my cousin's and he moved with me in to the apartment complex me and my mom lived in years earlier.   We had a lot of hard times we got evicted and we moved.  We went through times not having anything but each other no job, furniture, food, nothing.  But we were always happy non the less.  When we got evicted we moved to a cheaper yet nicer apartment.  I got a JCPenney charge card and got a computer through their catalogue.   We got on AOL.  BIG MISTAKE!  Here is where I met Christopher.  I left Craig for Christopher.  That is one thing I wish I could have done differently.  

This brings us up to now!

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