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Gay Stores

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Here are some gay or gay friendly stores to visit in Cincy.

pinkpyra.gif (1646 bytes) 907 Race St

513-621-PINK (7465)

Downtown Cincinnati

Book and Specialty Store No web page
Gay owned and operated.  Gary and George own it. Real Sweet guys.   Anything you want from books, movies, gay themed t- shirts, magnets, some sex toys, and all kinds of magazines.  They also have a big cork board when you walk in with gay company advertisements and community events.  Actually Gary and George came to my "wedding" with Christopher.  They are really friends of his but I don't think they'd shun me now..
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Left Handed Moon 48 E Court St.


Downtown Cincinnati

Clothing and Alternative No web page
Gay owned and operated.  Nice CUTE couple..Can't remember thier names for the life of me.  Ne way.  They have mostly  alternative or tight (muscle boi) style clothes.  They also have incense, jewelry and artwork.   They have fashion shows ever so often at Carol's Corner Cafe. (Upstairs at Carol's) Then again Carol sold the restaurant so I don't know if they still do.
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Crazy Ladies Bookstore 4039 Hamilton Ave.



Lesbian themed bookstore No web page
Gay owned and operated.  Only walked in once to drop off a flyer don't know much about the place.
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subtleexpres.jpg (7830 bytes) P.O. Box 13222

Hamilton OH 45013


Never ordered anything from them...actually didn't know bout them till I saw the gaycincinnati page ( see my links page under other :) )  but I liked the looks of thier rings check em out!! :)

Any help here on more stores?  mailicon.gif (1632 bytes)

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