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Gay Events

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Some of our communities Events

Community Spirit Awards-The community spirit awards happen once a year usually around Thanksgiving.  Last year and this year it is being put together by Randy Bridges.  They hold it in the Arnoff Center.  They do some drag, vocalists, dancers, and present awards to the outstanding members and companies in our community.  It's a fun night and a nice way to say thanks for the work.

Gay day at Kings Island-Once a year Kings Island opens it's doors and minds to the gay community and hires more security so our community can enjoy the park...And not be to...shy or scared to kiss another man in front of a predominantly straight amusement park.   I have also seen employee's get fired on the spot for giving a guy and his lover a hard time.  Another Gay day at Kings Island,  A month or so after this the Gay and Lesbian Community center has bought out the park for a day and it was open to only those boiz and gals that went to the community center and bought admission tickets....You have seen nothing until you see and hear the nelly screams of an amusement park with some of the best roller coasters with nothing but gay men running around being flamboyant! :) Did they do that again in 98...any plans or dates mentioned yet for 99?

I'm sure there are some more events... HELP? mailicon.gif (1632 bytes)

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