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Gay Restaurants

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Where I haven't been to many of the restaurants downtown these are the ones I know and have visited frequently. 

carols.gif (1002 bytes) carols2.gif (2761 bytes) 825 Main St.

513-651-BOOP (2667)

Downtown Cincinnati

Food and Bar
I love this place.  My X and I use to clean Carol's house,  the restaurant, and "Upstairs at Carol's."  When you walk in it is all decked out in Betty Boop memorabilia.  She has a cd playing juke box in the back.   Great food, a little more expensive but very good.  By day this is usually a business lunch place by night out come the fags! :) Get there early or you'll have to wait at the bar.  Because of the large range of clientele that Carol has she has a big amethyst rock built in to the wall over the front door.   Carol once told me amethyst is suppose to open your mind, she doesn't want you to be close minded when you walk in.  On the weekends you can call a reservation line...I'll get that get reservations for "Upstairs at Carol's." Carol has an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL Cabaret upstairs, where she and friend Lora Lee and the Socialites sing. Best place to go for old show tunes, she has jazz on other night, a pianist, and Tarot Reading.  There is also a bar up there.  On the nights that Carol sings you can always bet that the last number will be "Life is a Cabaret,"(Liza Manelli in Cabaret for those that don't keep up on thier showtunes!) and she expects you to sing along!  I hope none of this has changed...the last time I spoke with Carol months ago... she was selling Carols to a cutie who was a ??bartender?? I think...Memory a bit rusty....Check out thier web page if nothing else look at the pics of the Cabaret and the menu!
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Mullane's Parkside Cafe

723 Race St


Downtown Cincinnati

Vegetarian/Food No web page
I use to clean this place as well. Once a week. Nice place all the employee's are like one big family.  They have work from local artists on display and they have art shows all the time.  I never really ate here but you can smell it blocks away...and it smells DIVINE!!  Right next to a B movie theatre.  Mullane's is  a big supporter of the arts. 
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A'merettos 4600 block of Eastern Ave.

Downtown Cincinnati

Food No web page
I just heard of this place the other day when I got an email from a new friend that emailed me after he visited here.   He said it's a nice place that he's been there quite a few times since they opened a couple of weeks ago.  Gay ownened and operated. He said it attracts the 20-50's crowd. THANKS RON!  See his page.. I have a link on my links page under other!

I really haven't found to many are there anymore?

Again if you local people can help me make the list more complete I would appreciate it! mailicon.gif (1632 bytes)

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