Windows 95/98 and WinNT

When in explorer and you try to drag a file to a folder it makes a short cut but you want it to move it:

This happens becuase windows thinks oh no you shouldn't move an executable file.   To get past that you can hold down the shift key when draging and dropping it will force windows to move the file.  You can tell if its working becuase if you just drag it you'll see the shortcut icon (the little arrow), where if you hold shift down you won't.  Not to mention it simply won't be in the old folder any more.

My Windows keeps locking up and freezing or keeps giving me blue fatal exception errors:

A good first step in solving this is deleting tmp files running scan disk and defragmenting your drive.  Now freezing and Fatal Exception errors may make this difficult to do by freezing or whatever while your in the middle of doing these steps.   Simply reboot and try again.  With each step the likely hood of these problems   should lessen.

First click start, find, files or folders.  In the name field type *.tmp make sure it says look in c: or local hard drives.  You also want to make sure the box for include subfolders IS checked.  Then tell it to find.   It should find a bunch of files.  Click edit, select all.  All the files on the bottom will be highlighted.  Press the delete button on your keyboardSay yes you want to send it to the recycle bin then close find files.

Next double-click My Computer and right click on your c: drive. Choose properties.  A new window will open showing you free space on your pc...Sidenote: You should never have less then 50-75 MB of free space...and that is pushing it..anyway.  At the top click on the tools tab.  At the top you will have error checking.  Click on the scan now button and when the window comes up highlight the c: drive check thorough and check automatically fix errors and tell it to start.  Now depending on your hard drive this may take a while.

When complete it may pop a box up with bunch off numbers the very top should say weather if found and fixed any errors.  After that close that window and you will be back at the tools tab.  At the bottom you will see defragmentation.   Click on the button there and it will defragment your harddrive.  This will take awhile and you can't do anything with you pc while it is doing this.  If you click on details when this comes up you can watch what your computer is doing.  It's actually moving files and "reindexing" them so to speak so your programs can find them easier and faster.Windows NT CANNOT defrag unless a program is downloaded for that purpose.  You will still see defragmentation, however the button will be greyed out.

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