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My email just sits there forever and does nothing when I type a name in or it won't pull up the name from the addressbook when I type it in:

This is because your addressbook has become "out of date."  What you need to do is while you are connected to the LAN either by dialing in or local connection.   You need to open your addressbook by double-clicking the icon on your workspace once it is open hold down the Ctrl and Shift key and while those are held down hit F9 and let go.  It will bring a status bar up and it will reindex your address book.   You should be fine.  NOTE: if dialing in and Notes is dialing in for you (IE no global dialer or dialup connection) you will have to click on file, mobile, call server, and when it is finished reindexing addressbook: file, mobile, disconnect.   Then replicate as normal.

This will not work for your personal addressbook.  That database is stored locally on your machine there for it should never be "our of date."

You are unable to forward/reply mail it says unable to encrypt saved mail.......:

Go to your workspace (initial screen with the colored tabs and icons) click on the icon at the top of your screen that has a question mark over half globe.  It should say file edit mobile current location if you hover over it.  The section marked mail is where you want to be.  Look at the mail file section.  Is that your name? Most companies use first initial of first name last name... it should read mail\jshmo.... If it does not type it in.  For those of you with long last names your company probably doesn't use all of it so we have to find out who you are.... Close this window and you will be back at your workspace.  Click on file, tools, user ID.  You will see on the right user ID at the end should be your name jshmo for example.  What ever is here is what you need to type in the mail file field mentioned above. 

It is possible that when you look at the user ID window that the name in there is not yours at all.  In that case contact your Notes Admin.  Your ID is not installed correctly.  This should fix your forward and reply.

You are getting the error "cannot open database because a consistancy check of it is needed." with a button that says ok:

When you get this it means your notes server has gone down and is now back up.   For notes to work properly it now needs to check the integrity of all databases and servers.  So click ok.  It will look like it's not doing anything but the consistancy check is being ran.  It will pop a message up and tell you it's complete when it's finished.  If you do not do this...you will get this error message forever...so you don't have much of an option.

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