Microsoft Frontpage 98

Your creating a web page and want to have a picture with text  on the side of it from top to bottom:

Once you insert the image and start typing the text automatically defaults to the bottom of the picture's right corner.  So now you have a big void space next to your graphic.  What I do is click on Table, insert table and have it do 1 row 2 columns.  I then put my image in one side and text in the other.   But now you have these gride lines.  Right click somewhere inside the table and choose table properties you will see border and it will be set to 1.  Hit the down error to make it 0.  You will see dotted lines where the table was but if you click preview they're gone.

You want to make an image file a link to something but you don't want that ugly square box to go around it. 

After you insert the image and make it a link by clicking insert, hyperlink.   You go back and your going to have a colored square around your image...same effect as the underlining of text that is a link.  Once you have this right click on the image and  do image properties click on the apperance tab and look at border thickness.  There is nothing in there it's blank...that would make you think it's nothing, or not there...But it is.  Click on the down arrow to make it 0.  When you ok this and are back to your page the border around your image will be gone.

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